Learn with Eric

Juggling is an engaging activity with roots in circus and entertainment, and is an excellent choice to improve hand eye coordination, proprioception (your sense of your body in space) and enhance brain connectivity.

Learn to juggle with Eric at a community event.
Juggling Community Events

Eric’s show is built from walk around fairs in his local community and as such has a great blend of audience participation. Learning juggling techniques, how to throw one prop and beginning your juggling journey is likely easier than you think.

Group Lessons

Eric is leading workshops for community arts events and local sports teams. If you’re an event organizer, or interested in adding this skill to your life, contact Eric at eric@ericjuggling.com or reach out on instagram @ericjuggling!

Online Lessons

Check out the Youtube for a free beginner lesson. Or if you want a full course with 30 minutes of video breakdown, check out skillshare.com. This is a website where you can get unlimited classes to learn all kinds of skills( I learned to solve a rubix cube myself) for a monthly membership.

Skillshare Class